Why Do You Want This Job?

How to Answer: "Why Do You Want This Job?

Employers want to hear specific reasons why you're attracted to their job. Why? They don't want to hire someone who sounds desperate, or doesn't care what type of job they want, because that person won't work as hard to learn the position and contribute great work. So the interviewer wants to hire someone who's motivated to do this specific type of work, and has thought about their career and goals. To answer, mention specific, work-related reasons why their job and company interest you. Focus mostly on the job. Talk about your own career goals and how this job fits those goals. Sound excited about the opportunity to work for them. Example Answer: “I’ve been actively searching for jobs since graduating with my Nursing degree. I’m interested in intensive care and emergency medicine and I’ve seen your hospital mentioned as having one of the best ER’s in the region. I thought the job description matched up well with my background, and saw some of my personal strengths mentioned, like multitasking and being able to thrive in a fast paced environment, so I’d love to begin my career here.”